Welcome to the Insular ABC's Initiative Phase 3

Year 3

Year 3 efforts included ongoing execution of deferred maintenance (DM) reduction projects (the second full year of the planned four-year repair work period), capacity building efforts undertaken through the Training and Sustainability Program (TSP), and EAMS support, buildout, and preparation for rollout.


Work Plan Execution/Projects:

Approximately fifty DM awards were made for a total of about $1.2M in design and construction contracts, with $5M of DM projects in the procurement pipeline. A number of planned and underway DM projects in USVI and the CNMI were cancelled because of hurricanes. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance reviews continued, as well as work plan updates to keep DM projects focused on critical health and safety repair priorities.


Training and Sustainability Program:

The Year 3 TSP efforts included the following deliverable to help streamline and build resilience into facility management efforts:

  1. Facility Planning Components report: provides a template for establishing foundational school facility planning components that provide high-level facility-need information (e.g., existing facility conditions and functionality, enrollment trends, and overall school CIP needs) for capital improvement program prioritization, as well as recommendations for district-wide master planning efforts.
  2. Preventive Maintenance Program report: defined tasks and associated frequencies for a comprehensive maintenance program; the report and associated scenario building tool provide a starting point for resource planning including required staff skill levels and estimates of time required for work and mobilization.

EAMS Support, Buildout, and Preparation for Rollout:

Year 3 EAMS efforts included buildout to enable work order, job plan, and asset template functions and facilitate system rollout to host agencies with three primary objectives:

  1. Complete asset collection/data entry.
  2. Define host-agency user groups so credentials can be established for system training and host-agency use.
  3. Discussing service request and work order operating procedures with host agencies to guide rollout and transition to host agency use.

Year 2

Year Two of Phase 3 is the first full year of an anticipated four-year project. Accomplishing the overarching objectives for Phase 3 (reducing backlog of critical health and safety repair projects and increasing local school facility management capacity) requires:

    1) an embedded team of professionals in each host agency (e.g., the local school district or public works department – whichever is assigned the responsibility of maintaining schools),
    2) technical reach-back capability to multi-disciplinary design professionals, and
    3) a strong, centralized management team. Efforts are underway to complete embedded team hiring (see accompany team roster and currently vacant positions hyperlink) and build out the information technology to manage the program (see EAMS link to the right). One of the first “Training and Sustainability Program” work products (Grounds Maintenance Primer) has just been released. Other work products will be added as they are published.



Year 3 Documents:

    Insular ABC's Phase 3 - Year 3 Summary Report

    Facility Planning Components - Reports




    Preventive Maintenance Program - Reports